Tri-Vise Industries Plate Vise

Tri-Vise Industries Plate Vise

Product Description

The plate vise is light weight at 3.9 pounds, and is easily carried.  This vise works great on the job because it is easily transported and is easy to store in a tool box or hang in a shop or garage.  The openings are designed to hold pipe, conduit, unistrut, lumber, and numerous other materials.  

The vise elevates material so it can easily be measured, cut, soldered, drilled, welded, or tightened.  This vise allows users to use hand or power tools with both hands and reduces potential accidents.

This vise is ideal for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, sprinkler repair, landscapers, home owners, and any other type of tradesmen on the go.  It will hold 1/2"-4" EMT conduit, rigid steel pipe, pvc, and ABS.  The vise also easily holds lumber.  

$ 20.00 $ 34.00

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