Evolution 10" Mild Steel Blade 10BLADEST

Evolution 10" Mild Steel Blade 10BLADEST

Product Description

Looking for a saw blade that delivers performance and made with carbide of the highest quality?  If so, Evolution saw blades are what you are looking for.  The Evolution 10" Mild Steel Blade 10BLADEST is made with a high grade brazing technique and have hardened blade bodies.  You will not be disappointed with their performance.  Don’t waste any more time, buy the Evolution 10BLADEST today!


COOLER CUTS:  The reduced heat allows for a workable finish so no down time waiting for your material to cool.  These blades also produce little spark and less burrs. 

FASTER CUTS:  Evolution blades cut faster than abrasive blades with much less mess.

LONGER BLADE LIFE:  Evolution blades last much longer than abrasive blades.  With these blades you don’t have to worry about the quick wear of abrasive blades.  This allows for better cut quality and depth of cut, plus reduces replacement costs and time. 

SAFER:   No dust, smoke, or fumes with these blades.  Little to no sparks and they create little heat providing a safer alternative to abrasives.

1" and 5/8" Arbor

.078" Kerf

52 Teeth

5200 RPM


Color Code for Blade Type




Material applications include:  square tube, angle iron, mild steel plate, pipe, tube and other ferrous metals.



Ideal for cutting ferrous metal under 1/8” in thickness.  Material applications include:  sheet metal, metal roofing and electrical conduit.



Material applications include:  square tube, angle iron, stainless steel plate, diamond plate, pipe and tube.



Ideal for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.  Material applications include:  grating, extrusions, pipe and tube.



Designed for cutting multiple material applications without switching blades.  Material applications include:  mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, wood, wood with nails, PVC, and plexiglass.

$ 56.00

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