Bora #551027 4-Inch Drill Press Vise

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Bora Drill Press Vise (Bora 551027) 

The Sturdy, Quick Release Clamp that Attaches to Your Drill Press Table and Holds Your Material Fast for Easy Drilling

• Large 4" jaw capacity is ideal for thousands of projects.
• Easily and securely attaches to your drill press’ table. The holes are 4-1/2" long and are 5" apart, allowing for virtually any manufacturer’s drill press to be accommodated.
• Aluminum die cast body with steel jaws securely holds your material without marring it.
• Main tightening screw is chrome plated steel.
• Quick release button for easy repositioning of your project / material.
• Oversize soft grip handle pivots 90 degrees for increased clamping pressure
• Overall dimensions: 6" x 13" x 2-1/2"
If you own a drill press, you owe it to yourself to see just how easy this Bora 4” Drill Press Clamp makes your projects. It fastens to the table of virtually any make and model drill press, and holds fast whatever it is you are working on. This allows for increased precision and ease of drilling, without you worrying about previously-used vise grips or c-clamps never quite getting the job done. We’ve added a host of features that customers love, and designed this woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts everywhere. The slotted bottom is designed to easily bolt to virtually any drill press base; the oversize grip is comfortable and pivots 90 degrees for increased clamping power; the steel jaws are rock solid, and will hold your material fast without marring it; and the quick release makes it a pleasure to use – you can quickly and easily reposition your material, making drilling multiple holes simple. It’s lightweight, yet super strong, and comes with a lifetime warrantee, making this drill press vise a great value.