Woodworking Joinery Made Simple

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Forget nails, split wood, brackets, and messy glue... build like the pros!

Kreg has made woodworking joinery amenities even more convenient and much easier. Do-it-yourself wood-related endeavors may turn into a piece of wooden sculpture by assembling your own model wood crafted products. Using Kreg Jigs and other accessories create an effective solution for long-term repairs. Kreg Joinery accessories are clever tools for coming up with you DIY wood assemblies. Definitely, you can create a customized and handcrafted woodworking piece with the best line of joinery machines that you can select from.  Click on this link to check out all of the Kreg tools and accessories that we carry at Tomboy Supply!

Today, Kreg Joinery offers a great help for your woodworking endeavors. Their latest product is the Kreg Jig K5 Master System (linked here) that is a premium Kreg accessory kit that provides storage for other accessories, helps drilling in repetitive action, ensures pins are in place and a lot more. It also comes with 6 downloadable wood assembly plans, wood clamp and a portable base designed for convenient transportation. By using the Kreg Jig K5 Master System (linked here), you can make the most of your woodworking endeavors. This is the latest and most advanced woodworking tool system that you can purchase in the market.

The Kreg Jig K5 Master System is only
$159 with free shipping at Tomboy Supply.

kreg jig K5 master system

  • Front-mounted handle makes clamping easy
  • Ratcheting clamp mechanism adjusts without tools
  • Storage wings provide built-in storage for bits and accessories
  • Swiveling dust collection port accepts any standard vacuum hose
  • Adjustable workpiece stop mounts on either side for easy repeat drilling
  • Stop-collar setting block makes drill bit setup easy
  • Quick-release pin holds drill block securely in place
  • Hardened-steel Kreg® drill guides feature a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with Kreg Jig® K5 and accessories: Automaxx® Face Clamp with 3" reach, Portable Base for building on the go, and step-by-step downloadable plans for 6 home projects


    How to Start Your Wood Assemblies with Kreg Joints

    Joining wood has been made easier and faster with Kreg Joints. Kreg offers a strong and incredible output for joined woods through its unique mechanism, creating a hole connecting two work pieces at an angle then tapping the screws itself. The entire wood joining procedure is easy and simple, and you have nothing to worry about with the final output. The fact that you are only drilling one workpiece means that you don’t have to get frustrated about alignment problems. In 3 easy steps, Kreg Joints can help you create a wood piece that you can use productively at home.


    1. Drilling 
      Kreg Joinery requires you to perform drilling as the first step. In your first wood piece, you need to create pocket-holes through a specialized drill bit featuring a trodden pilot tip. The tip guides the hole created in the flat-bottom pocket of the workpiece into the direction where the second workpiece lies. The trodden step guarantees the firmness of the screw in the seats for a tight and sturdy joint. Drilling is made easy using the Kreg Jig, clamping the wood in the toggle clamp; then, proceed with the drill after the depth has been adjusted.
    2. Driving 
      Once the holes are drilled, the next step involves connecting the workpieces together using specified Kreg self-tapping screws. As quickly as possible, you should drive the screws so that joints clamped will maintain their position. Drilling a pilot hole in the second workpiece is not necessary.
    3. Finishing Touch
      In less than an hour, you are possibly done with woodworking joinery. You may use a sand paper to smoothen the edges of the workpiece while the glue is yet to dry.


    Now that you are done with your first woodworking project, it will be easier for you to create another one. Kreg Jig K5 Master System will be ideal to help you all the way with your project. Check out at for more information about the product.  Don't forget the system comes with 6 different step-by-step downloadable plans to create coffee tables, media centers, and more.

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