One handed clamping made easy

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BESSEY’s EZ and EZS One-Hand Clamp and Spreader

EZ clamps made by Bessey are famous for their comfortable, lightweight, and exceptional performance, and the new quick-action Bessey EZ and EZS one-hand clamps and spreaders are taking the industry by storm. They provide 445 pounds of clamping force; feature an intelligent release button that can quickly convert the upper section from clamping to spreading purposes without the need for additional tools or removal of screws; ergonomically shaped with 2-component plastic handle with the pump lever positioned behind the rail which provides a very powerful grip; and have soft pressure caps that can guarantee protection to materials as well as more secured clamping.

In addition, Bessey EZ and EZS One Handed Trigger Clamps have superior internal components such as heavy duty springs, huge clutch plates, and metal pivot points that can dramatically reduce the wearing possibilities. Available in many different sizes, EZ and EZS one-hand clamp and spreader have a clamping capacity of 6-inches to 36-inches, and spreading capacity of 6.5-inches to 43.5-inches.

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Pictured: Bessey EZS 90-8 36 inch One Handed Clamp

Main Features


  1. Powerful Technology – One-handed spreading and clamping tools with 445 pounds of force.
  2. Intelligent Releasing Mechanism – Quick conversion of its upper section from a clamping tool or a spreading tool, without the need of other tools.
  3. Handle Behind the Rail – Provides a very powerful grip from its ergonomically shaped 2 component plastic handle with a pump lever located at the back of the rail.
  4. Soft Pressure Caps – This can optimize the material protection and provide more secured clamping.
  5. Throat Depth Up to the Edge – While many other clamps measure the throat depth to the center of pad, the EZ and EZS one-handed trigger clamp extend the throat depth to the outside edge of pads. In other words, the power spreads throughout the entire pad.


The Benefits


  • Great Clamping Power with One Hand – The new EZ and EZS one-handed clamp is equipped with great clamping force and more improved handling, providing an indispensable help to professionals and DIY workers alike. Bessey clamps prove to be the ideal clamping tools, especially when working with just a single hand – for example, when required to work with use of another tool simultaneously or when working above the head.
  • Great Performance – Bessey EZ one-handed clamp can do it all for you. With its sophisticated technology that can provide a clamping force that reaches 2,000, it has 80% more power as compared to other clamping tools with similar low weight of just 1kg per clamping jaw.
  • Rapid Conversion (Clamping-Spreading) – When converting clamping jaws to spreading jaws, the new EZS one-handed clamp features an intelligent release mechanism. In just one push of a button, the top section of the new EZS one-handed clamp will be released, and simply place it on the other end of the handle for spreading.


Bessey's EZ and EZS clamping tool is without a doubt the best deal for professionals and DIY workers alike.

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