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RTIC tumber from Tomboy Supply goes to Yosemite Ntnl Park

At Tomboy Supply, we are excited to bring you RTIC Cooler products!  We recently became an authorized dealer for the Texas based company and currently have several RTIC drinkware products in stock.  These tumblers and bottles are designed to keep cold liquids cold... longer.  They also keep hot liquids hot.  They are on the same playing field as the more expensive brand that you've heard of, but they are half the price!  Same awesome insulation, lower price, more money to spend on the fun stuff!

The claim that RTIC makes is that it will keep ice for 24 hours.  Don't take their word for it.  Don't take our word for it.  Take our customer's word for it!  See what our customer Anna has to say about her 20 oz RTIC tumbler from Tomboy.  


"I love my tumbler from Tomboy Supply!  We took it on a road trip to Bryce Canyon, UT, Zion National Park, Long Beach, CA, and Yosemite National Park.  It kept my water cold, even on the sandy beach!   The day I did my 24-hour ice experiment, the tumbler sat in the hot car for a couple of hours while we were out hiking, and it still kept ice for 24 hours.  Seriously awesome.  Now I just need one of their bottles to take with me on the hikes.  Another bonus about these is that they are sweat free.  Having lived in Texas for a few years, I got used to all of my beverages sweating like crazy; so I was surprised when the RTIC tumbler stayed dry on our whole trip."  ~ Anna (Montana resident)

Click here to view all of the products that we currently have in stock from RTIC.  The bottle that Anna mentioned for hiking comes in 3 different sizes, starting at $20 for the 18 oz. with free shipping.

RTIC 18 oz bottle from Tomboy Supply

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