Lumber Lok: An Easy Alternative to Sawhorses

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lumber lok - no sawhorse needed

For those carpenters, landscapers, plumbers and homeowners who have their professional and non-professional project on a weekend can make use of a Lumber Lok (available here) as an easy alternative to sawhorses. This is simply designed for those who may be working alone, making it possible to cut practically anything without breaking out a sawhorse. The impressive thing about the Lumber Lok is that it is sturdy and portable to use. In using the Lumber Lok (rectangle) or the Plate Vise (triangle) to cut everything from wood, pipe and unistrut, you can rest assured that nothing will slip or spin; the only key is to use the smallest type of hole that your material will fit into. In building and remodeling projects, this will prove to be a valuable tool. These Tri-Vise products make the task of cutting plumbing pipes easier and faster for your part.  Did we mention they are made in the USA?  Because they are.  That's right, American made!


The powder coated Lumber Lok is designed to help you save more time as it can be utilized for a wide array of applications like measuring, finishing, drilling and cutting. Since it is coated with powder material and is manufactured of steel material, it can withstand any demanding job at a worksite. It can also elevate eleven sizes of lumber off the ground. In addition, its cut outs are designed to help with:

  • 4”x8”
  • 4”x4”
  • 2”x12”
  • 2”x2”
  • 1”x6”
  • 1”x4”

Customers are talking about the Lumber Lok, and they're happy. They're saying that the Lumber Lok is an excellent tool that is readily available to use. This is an easy and convenient tool, very unique. They also have considered it handier than dragging out the saw horse for small sized jobs. It is easily used and carried. A lot safer and works amazingly well! They gave it a higher rating because this helped them finish their tasks in a short period of time. There is no mess to find around the garage floor. One customer has used it to cut down his time on the job sites and he will be ordering more. This product will help anyone on the job site.

Try it for yourself.  Currently on sale for $24 (reg. $32) with free shipping at!  (We sold out of these in September, you might want to stock up on Christmas gifts early while we have them in stock again!)

lumber lok plate vise

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