Kreg KCT COMBO Clamp Table and Steel Stand Combo

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If you are looking for a workstation that is versatile and utilizes multiple clamp solutions, The Kreg KCT-Combo Clamp Table should be a fixture piece in your workspace. With the addition of the adjustable heavy-gauge steel stand, the table transforms into a workstation that provides solutions for Kreg joinery and accessories. This table becomes an interchangeable solution for any woodworking task.

 Whether joining, sawing, sanding or routing, using this table provides versatile solutions for most woodworking projects. The included bench clamps with the simple squeeze of the handles and auto-adjust technology allow you to match material thickness, cutting down on your work time as there is no time wasted for re-adjusting.


  • Two 3" (76mm) Bench Clamps with auto-adjust technology
  • Durable melamine coated surface & base resists glue that is easy to clean
    • Clamping surface- 213/4" x 333/4" (552mm x 857mm)
    • Table Base- 24" x 36" (609mm x 914mm)
  • Two lengths of Clamp Trak allowing for easy clamp positioning
  • Five Clamp Blocks making it easy to square up assemblies
  • Adjustable heavy-gauge steel stand
  • Assembly Hardware


 Flexible Positioning
The Clamp Trak allows you to position your Kreg Bench Clamps and Clamp Blocks along the table’s edge and quickly remove them to regain your flat work surface.

Precise Alignment
Kreg Clamp Blocks allow you to quickly register work pieces and bring your entire project into alignment.

Durable Work Surface
Made from replaceable, glue-resistant melamine, this table provides a large 213/4" x 333/4" work surface

Rigid Foundation
Adjustable from 31" to 39" (78.7cm to 99.1cm), this heavy-duty steel stand includes levelers to compensate for uneven floors. Can be added: Heavy-Duty Casters for even more mobility.

Versatile Clamping
The Clamp Trak, rotates 360 degrees, and locks firmly into place wherever you need it.


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