Essential Tools for Every Jobsite

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It doesn’t matter if it is building homes, hospitals, apartment buildings, schools, condos or any other kind of structure, the industry of construction needs professional workers. Not only does this include architects and engineers, but also masons and carpenters. Often, there are jobs which carpenters could complete that don’t require a great deal of skill, making it possible for novices to work at all types of job sites. Even though they don't have to be old pros to manage specific jobs, novices do require having quality tools.

Essential Tools Required for Construction Jobs

  • Measuring Tool:  This includes laser meters and tape measures. Tape measure is a heavy duty retractable ruler made of thin metal which are able to measuring distances and objects of 100 feet in length. Novices might not require quite that much tape, therefore there are lots of diverse choices as far as maximum length goes. A laser meter is more easy to use as it utilizes a laser beam to measure lengths.
  • Cutters and Knives: As a construction worker, you need to have a cutter and knife. Utility knives should be sharp, strong, and equipped with a heavy duty blade.
  • Hammers: Hammers serve many purposes which make them ideal for diverse types of construction jobs. A Carpenter hammer is made to drive nails into wood and get rid of them.  It has a heavy, flat end for striking nail heads and a two pronged claw for pulling nails.
  • Screwdriver: This tool provides construction workers with the torque which they need in order to place screws into wood and also to take them out. They give good control over the process of screwdriving, though they aren't as fast as a drill. It’s a good idea to invest in sets of screwdrivers which work with diverse sizes and types of screws.
  • Drill: This is a versatile tool designed to allow the user to change bits to do a variety of tasks. The main job of drill is to make holes of varying sizes.
  • Air Nailer: If hammer can’t finish a task fast, an air nailer will!

 All these tools are very important in a construction job and you need to store them in the right place and in a convenient storage bag, easy to grab on your way out the door. We suggest the DGL523 57 Pocket - Lighted Tool Backpack by Dewalt (linked here).

The three levels of light output permit adjustment for an extensive area illumination. It comes with forty eight multi-use pockets inside as well as nine outside to aid organize your construction tools, accessories and parts. This tool bag could hold many tools and accessories such as extension cords, drills, pliers, wrench sets, screwdrivers, drill bits, and many more. It has big pads on back for additional comfort, it also comes with padded web carrying handle as well as adjustable shoulder straps and a bottom pad feet to lessen abrasion and wear.  This backpack is currently only $84 at Tomboy Supply with FREE shipping!  Ladies, this would be a great gift for that fella' in your life (forget stuffing stockings, stuff a BACKPACK)!  Get your Dewalt DGL523 57-Pocket Lighted Tool BackPack today.