Cut through steel like butter using annular cutters

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You've probably been there.  Drilling hole after monotonous hole in some metal project using yesterday's twist drills, cutting and chiseling your way through the center with all the brute force you could muster.


You've thought to yourself... "Surely there's a faster way."  

There is.  Annular cutters.  No pre-drilling required.

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Tomboy Supply carries a full range of Evolution annular cutters for a wide variety of drilling applications.  Annular cutters are much more efficient for both time and energy when compared with other methods for producing holes.  Rather than drilling out all of the material within the diameter of the hole, the annular cutters simply cut the perimeter edge, dropping out the center contents intact.  This leaves you with a ream quality, burr-free hole that took much less effort to produce.  No step drilling is required & holes are cut quickly and accurately.

Evolution offers two grades of annular cutters to suit different metal cutting requirements; Cyclone Premium Grade M2AL and Carbide Tipped Premium Grade.

M2AL High Speed Steel Annular Cutters: M2AL cutters have been developed as an alternative to the more common M2, M35 and M42 cutters. M2AL offers many advantages over these traditional cutter types. Tooth hardness is optimized and heat treated to 68HRC to maximize cutter performance. M2AL cutters also include a tapered hardness from the shank, through the cutter body and to the cutter teeth. This makes the cutters more resistant to the torque and thus prevent breakage.

Included Pilot Pin: Evolution recommends that all annular cutters be cooled properly throughout the cut to ensure cutter life is optimized. In order to accomplish this, an included pilot pin is required so coolant can be delivered directly to the cutting surface. The included pilot pin is yet another value added feature that makes Evolution annular cutters the easy choice for industrial drilling applications.

Guaranteed Quality: Evolution knows that project budgets are tight and you expect the maximum results from the products you purchase. When it comes to annular cutters, Evolution offers an unmatched quality guarantee. If for any reason your annular cutter breaks during a cut, send it to Evolution and it will be evaluated for replacement.

This unaffiliated video demonstrates an unspecified annular cutter in action.

Check our inventory here to find the annular cutters that you need.  Remember, Tomboy Supply ships free and provides excellent customer service.  If you need assistance in selecting the right annular cutter for your project, send us an email at or consult the chart provided below for your convenience.

Next week we will expound on the annular cutter sets that we carry.

Evolution annular cutter cheat sheet