Annular Cutter Sets Offer Flexibility

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flexibility and efficiency with annular cutter sets

We recently told you about the Annular Cutters that we carry in this blog post.  To refresh your memory, Annular Cutters are much more efficient for both time and energy when compared with other methods for producing holes.  Rather than drilling out all of the material within the diameter of the hole, the annular cutters simply cut the perimeter edge, dropping out the center contents intact.  This leaves you with a ream quality, burr-free hole that took much less effort to produce.  No step drilling is required & holes are cut quickly and accurately.

In our previous post, we provided a cheat sheet  to help you select the exact size of annular cutter that you need for a particular project.  Tomboy Supply carries a full inventory of annular cutters in every size that you need, all available for individual purchase.   If you don't see what you need, email us at

In addition to individual annular cutters, we are excited to carry several sets, providing you with maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.  If you don't find exactly what you need, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Featured cutter sets:

1 inch depth annular cutter set

Evolution Power Tools Premium Cutter Set- 1" Depth of Cut

This is a set of six annular cutters from the Cyclone Premium 1" cutter range containing CC562, CC625, CC687, CC812, CC937, CC100 and Pilot Pins.  Very cost effective @ 6 cutters for $120 AND free shipping!




annular cutter set 2 inch depth of cut

Evolution Power Tools Premium Cutter Set- 2" Depth of Cut

Includes six popular sized cutters from the Cyclone Premium 2" cutter range containing CC562L, CC625L, CC687L, CC812L, CC937L, CC100L,and Pilot Pin.  Save money @ $199 for all six pieces AND free shipping!



mini cutters annular cutters

Evolution EVOMCS-7 Sheet Metal Mini Cutters

The Evolution Mini Cutters Set expands on the premium quality of Evolution Cyclone Annular Cutters with a specialty design that delivers maximum performance for use on hand drills. Offering enhanced speed, quality and durability, the Evolution Mini Cutters will out perform any twist drill bit or hole saw. When drilling, each hole is cut cleanly and accurately in a fraction of the time. These cutters are ideal for sheet metal, mild steel, aluminum, plastic, HVAC, light piping, conduit, copper, brass, and stainless steel. Each set contains 7 Mini Cutter Bits, a 3/8-Inch Chuck Arbor with Pilot, Center Punch, Small and Large Washers, and an Arbor Hex Wrench. Diameters included are 5/16-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 7/16-Inch, 1/2-Inch, 9/16-Inch, 5/8-Inch, 3/4-Inch.  You can't afford NOT to have this little set in your shop - only $77.74 and free shipping!