300 Piece Drill Bit Set offers unlimited versatility

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Portamate PM-1350 Drill Bit Set

A power drill is one of the most versatile and popularly used power tools. This very versatile tool can be utilized to tighten bolts, drill holes, and tighten screws, strip paint, polish or sand, amongst other things. This tool has many accessories to add to the versatility feature like drill bits, scouring pads or sanding accessories. When considering a drill bit, it is essential to consider how you’re going to use it and know the amount you want to spend. However, if you are planning to purchase a power drill, one product you need to consider is the Portamate PM-1350 Drill Bit Set (available here).

Why Buy This Product?

Portamate PM-1350 Drill Bit Set is a great tool which can be very valuable around the house. It does not matter if you’re planning to utilize it to drill holes through walls or to unscrew the toys, this drill could perform both excellently. It also comes with varying speeds so you can always modify them to meet the specific need you have at the time.

Portamate PM-1350 Drill Bit Set Overview

If you own a power drill, the new Portamate PM-1350 Drill Bit Set (available here) will allow you to utilize its full potential. With an amazing selection of bits as well as sizes, it will cover almost all you requirements for many years to come. It doesn’t matter if you are working with metal, wood, plastic or masonry, there’s a drill bit in this set which is ideal for a specific job. It comes with 116 HSS drill bits, 42 woodworking bits, 24 carbide tipped masonry bits, 5 hole saws as well as over 100 driver bits and other essential accessories. All parts come packed in a ground-breaking case. The top two drawers which slide out of the front is easy to open to show an extensive choice of drill bits as well as driver bits. Every tool has its own visibly marked locations, which make it simple to quickly get and find what you want.

Essential Features and Benefits

The innovative Portamate PM-1350 Drill Bit Set (available here) is integrated with essential features which make it the best and most reliable drill bet set in the market at this point in time. These features take account of the following:

  • Easy to open storage case that show top storage drawer and 2 individual cases which slide like the typical drawers.
  • Utilize for drilling any materials such as masonry, plastic, metal as well as wood.
  • Drill bits take account of 116 HSS bits, 24 carbide masonry bits, 42 woodworking bits as well as a 5-Piece hole saw set Driver bits take account of 88 screwdriver bits, 10 nut drivers as well as 15 accessories


    The Portamate PM-1350 Drill Bit Set is a must have for those who own a drill. This tool provides limitless versatility; therefore you could work with any type of materials - plastic, metal, wood or masonry. This is the only kit you will want for most of your home projects. Makes a good gift or addition to your tool set for only $101 at Tomboy Supply.