Why Need You To Buy From Small Business

Posted by The Tomboy on

Like all who have ever owned a business we are always trying to grow our business.  It is very hard in the very price competitive market we have today.  The internet is a blessing and a curse to every business owner.  However, we have to continue to buy from the little guy or gal.  Tomboy Supply is a family owned small business and we love doing business with other small businesses.  We like doing businesses with large companies too but small business is what drives the American economy by creating jobs and it often is the most overlooked sector.  It is very temping to do a Google search and see the lowest price at the top and buy from that mega-retailer but that is not always the best way to purchase.  It is important to look at all the benefits small business can bring you or your business.  For one, your business means so much more to a small business.  Your purchase, regardless of how small, is still a larger piece of the pie as compared to when you buy from a big box store.  Small businesses generate jobs that often pay better than the big box retailers are paying their employees.  They pay more because they are looking for people who have a genuine concern for their customers.  Small businesses are always on the look out for motivated individuals who understand how important being personable is.  They need employees who can empathize with what the customer is going through.  We are never just looking for people who just wear a vest with no knowledge or willingness to learn the business.  

Small businesses value every transaction and want to help you grow your business or achieve your goal.  We know how hard it is to make a business successful so we are always willing to help in whatever way we can or share the knowledge we have learned along the way.  

We love to sound board ideas with our customers.  We are more than happy to bounce ideas off our loyal customers and love to hear about your ideas and goals. 

We want to be your first choice when you make your tool purchase.  We will do everything we can to gain your business and build a lasting relationship.  We are the little fish in a very large pond and need your help to grow and be a successful small business!  Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you.  We can quote specialty and non-specialty tools and answer technical questions about tools you may be thinking about purchasing.  

Thanks for being our customer!